Roseburg Marching Ensemble

The Roseburg High School Marching Ensemble (RME) is one of the hardest working bands on campus. Comprised of an average of 130 brass, woodwind, percussion, and colorguard members, students in this band appear at several competitions and local events, not to mention every home football game. The band and color guard begin practicing in mid-August and continue rehearsing and honing an exciting field show until the football and marching seasons end in early November. The RME also has a great time traveling more than any other band on campus. Members of this band also perform at each home basketball game. Roseburg High School is recognized as having one of the top high school music programs in the State of Oregon. The RME competed at three marching festivals during the 2018-2019 school year and its highest scores in recent history. The band took home several awards including their exciting first place finish at Pride of the Northwest competition in Grants Pass, Or. In addition to these accolades, they were even featured in a commercial that aired across the northwest. 



Jazz Plethora is Roseburg High School's non-auditioned Jazz Band class. Although students need to have prior experience on their instrument, they do not need to have any past jazz experience. This class is open to all concert instruments including non-traditional jazz instruments (flute, clarinet, etc.) as well as rhythm section instruments (drums, piano, guitar, bass). This is an exciting class in which to learn the fundamentals of Jazz style and improvisation, all while performing music from artists such as Art Blakey, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, and John Coltrane. This credited class meets zero period three times a week after marching season is over in early January. Despite being zero period, the class is very popular and has never had less than 30 members.


Jazz Ensemble

A follow up class to Jazz Combo, students in Jazz Ensemble rehearse during the day. This is our advanced Jazz class and as such performs more often than any other band on campus excluding the marching band. This is one of our more competitive groups and students frequently have fun traveling on competitions and tours inside and outside of the state. This ensemble performs a blend of classic and contemporary Jazz literature. Listening is heavily emphasized as is appropriate style, articulation, and improvisation. This is the smallest band on campus which also makes it one of the most selective and exciting ensembles to participate in. Please note that unlike Jazz Combo, only traditional Jazz instruments can participate in this ensemble. This includes the following: Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Percussion.

Jazz Ensemble Syllabi


Concert Band

Concert Band is the next progression for students coming out middle school that want to continue the band experience. This non-auditioned performance ensemble is designed specifically for Freshman students. In addition to performing three to five times a year, the class focuses on the mechanics of tone production, balance, blend, and intonation, and also covers some music theory and history. This group performs a balance of historical and modern literature. This band has grown to become so popular, that we have had to form an additional concert ensemble simply due to demand.

Concert Band Syllabi


Symphonic Band

Following their participation in Concert Band, students then progress into Symphonic Band. This ensemble continues to develop and hone the fundamentals of instrumental performance, all the meanwhile having a great time playing riveting music. The Symphonic Band performs in many home concerts and also competes in some festivals around the state. Members of this ensemble will also go on tour occasionally. This exciting new band was recently formed as a result of the incredible growth experienced in the RHS Band Program.

Symphonic Band Syllabi


Wind Ensemble

The Roseburg Wind Ensemble is the Roseburg High School's premier concert ensemble. Performing challenging and engaging literature, this audition-only group puts on several public concerts and competes at several festivals and events throughout the year. In recent years, The RHS Wind Ensemble has developed and fostered a level excellence that had been missing for decades. This band has qualified for the OSAA State Championships the last three years and continues to perform classic and new literature at a high level. While on tour, the Wind Ensemble took first place at a multi-state festival held in Anaheim, California. Most importantly, however, these students have a great time performing and traveling in one of the most tightly knit classes on the entire RHS campus.

Wind Ensemble Syllabi


Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble is a performance based group that practices and performs year round. The first semester, much time is spent rehearsing marching band literature. After marching season, the ensemble begins to study percussion literature that is more classical in nature. "Novelty" pieces using everything from buckets to balloons are also performed. Depending on their grade, each student in percussion ensemble is assigned to either the Concert Band, Symphonic Band, or Wind Ensemble and performs with one of those groups at all concerts and festivals. In years past we've had as many as 35 percussionists in percussion ensemble. In this class, percussionists are not standing in the back of the band, they are what the whole class is about!

Percussion Ensemble Syllabi

Fall and Winter Colorguard

The Colorguard is the most exciting visual part of the entire RHS Band Program. During the fall, the Colorguard practices and performs with the Roseburg Marching Ensemble. Utilizing their theatric ability to convey emotion with their flags, the Colorguard members enhance every marching band performance considerably. Following the marching season, Winter Colorguard begins. Winter Colorguard is an after school club that rehearses once or twice a week and performs at several home basketball games and assemblies. Winter Colorguard is open to anyone, regardless of prior experience and is a great way to maintain and develop flag skills in preparation for the coming marching season. 

Orchestra Pit

This is the instrumental ensemble that accompanies the singers on stage for our annual RHS musical. Instrumentation depends on the musical selected by the theater director, but typically woodwind, brass and string instruments are needed. Rehearsal and performance dates will be given as the musical approaches.